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The Entrance Hall
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New beginning
Bjezúmije i šílenství
Uninvited Guest
A New Face
Released From His Duties
Superbia et Avaratia et Luxuria
An Old Friend
He's back
2nd Entrance
Spenta Mainyu
Now Featuring...
Tortura et devora, invidia gulaque.
Horse Riding
Dormi, acedia!
The Blood Knight's Arrival
A Sudden Disappearance
An Early Leave
Of Brotherhood...
A New Figure, an Old Search
Shadow Lord Easten
A present?
A Place to Recover
That Man
Nick Klarin
Looking For Someone
A Message...(cont.)
Making an Entrance
Beginning the Search
Another one?
Entrance of ...
An exit.
A new student...
Stephen Vaye
Master Claire Lee
evylyine carter
Entrance of Mainyu
From the Darkness: the Little Dagger
Lilah Kay
Enter: Taisie
Flight of the sparrow
Sniziga Daegun, at your service
Glenwing Kyros, At Your Service
Lord Ryan Black
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