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Lakt Drauch

Character Age: 17

Posts: 197

PostPosted: Sun, Aug 29/2010, 22:02pm  Reply with quote

Maybe you two should play together sometime.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3UAQDjVMVQ
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Glenwing Kyros
Shadow Lord (Admin)

Shadow Lord (Admin)

Character Age: 40

Posts: 1951

PostPosted: Thu, Oct 07/2010, 19:09pm Reply with quote

*Deciding to interrupt the ensuing pause, he looks to Yusha and says* Yusha, you haven't talked much this whole time.  How did you end up here?

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Yusha Helden

Character Age: 16

Posts: 360

PostPosted: Tue, Oct 12/2010, 6:09am Reply with quote

Um… Me?



I, um… I was born in a village. My father… he was a soldier. My mother… she was a nurse… There was a war, when I was born. My father died in battle, and my mother was killed, helping the traitors.

The war was between the royalists and the mob. As for sentiments, they varied. But I was left an orphan.

Unlike Malik’s people, our families were very broken. It isn’t honorable…  to hold familial love to lover’s love. They say. It wasn’t honorable… to be killed by hoi polloi. They say. So I was discarded.

I grew up a beggar. No one would feed the vagrant. Mice eat away homes. So I was feral, somewhat. I was… the warrior. I was a protector.

I think you’d call him a spirit or something. We just called him a god. He was the protective guardian of the forest. He would lay bounty out to fend for myself. He gave me clothes. He gave me shelter. He taught me religion. This was an honor, it was thought. The people would pay their respects, and I would be their medium. He was a friend to all vagrants.

People gave me church then, if I was their medium. I was happy protecting them from the forest demons.
Then a girl…

*Yuusha tears a bit, not for seeking pity, but for lament and regret.*

She was my friend. She was of a low family, he dad a drunk. But she and I played daily. She played music, I followed. We danced. She painted with the river mud, so did I. We carved trees, he didn’t even mind.

But one day, we… went to see him. We brought an offering of wine. But we found him dead, killed by a monster. The monster saw us, and gave chase…

We made it to town, but… we were cornered. I had a sword, as men ought. But I couldn’t get it. It rammed my ear, tearing it. I tried to stop it, but it rammed its tusk into her. A soldier saw us run, and killed it after that. He said… he was sorry, that she wasn’t saved. A priest gave the word, and she was put out of her misery. I… I couldn’t protect her… I couldn’t protect him… I couldn’t protect her.

He brought me to a doctor. The demon left its impurities- the sins of its victims- in my ear, he said. I would die if it weren’t amputated. So it was. The soldier said,

*Yuusha puts on a deep, loud voice, an octave or two below his normal speaking range (as if he normally spoke with a falsetto) in imitation) “What a shame”.

But I was good with the sword, he said. The Family needed guards. So I was conscripted.

I was made the princess’s... *he tears up moreso, but regians his composure* private guard, as I was young and she demanded a friend. We played noble’s games, nothing like the tag and dance of hers (OOC: referring to the previous her), but were very happy. As children can (OOC: he’s speaking poetically about young adolescents, thinking it a sort of friendly lust, even through its really romantic), we loved each other. The only thing like old though was horseback riding. That’s how I know my mare.

Outside, but the royalists and the revolutionaries fractured. There were the Parliamentarians, the Aer Royalists, the Aer Racialists, and the Direct Democrats. The Parliamentarians wanted constitutional monarchy, where the nobility became ceremonially figurative. The Aer Royalists wanted the same regime, with an absolute monarchy. The Aer racialists wanted a democracy, but only Aer having voting power. The Direct Democrats wanted direct democracy for all. Citizenship alone hadn’t even been granted to the other tribal groups, it was all so radical.

The Parliamentarians were mostly nobles who just wanted peace, while the Royalists were their counterrevolutionary compatriots. The Racialists were Aer statesmen and xenophobes. They thought the Royal family wasn’t Aer, because the nobility was from a group of people from the north and the eastern plains. The Direct Democrats just wanted the right to anonymity. A rare coalition by the Direct Democrats and the Racialists stormed the gates, assisted by sympathizers.

I fought, but was thrown down. The King was killed, but Claudia was let into hiding. Not even vengeful tarantulas would kill her. When the Royalists took charge, many were killed. Her cousin was made King, and she was taken back to the castle. I followed. Because I was so humiliated, though, I vowed to train and return to her. I mean, I failed her.

It made her cry, I don’t know why.

But I took my mare, and did a series of favors to get around. I saved a man from a pirate in the north, and he told me as best I could understand, about the academies here. He let me on a trader’s ship with my mare, and we made it across. We landed in Seag, and after fighting off a number of thieves, a priest recommended me here. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, what with nationalism… Something Aer didn’t really have. But he took about a year teaching me Standard Seagan and Standard Valenian. I left with his blessings, and traveled through the forest of Saln. There I think I met Gula, because a skeleton his size was killing the trees and grass. He attacked me, and I barely escaped.

A week or so later, I made here. And you know the rest.

(OOC: Kyros, would you delete the OOC stuff about the wait, please?)

The rising sun will eventually set,
A newborn's life will fade.
From Sun to Moon, Moon to Sun,
Give peaceful rest to the waking dead.

(Time passes, let it. Yes, taken from the Sun's Song.)
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